1 Intranet.
5 countries.
4.600 people

The FOURLIS Group is one of the largest consumer durables trading groups with its commercial activity extending to Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey

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A simple yet so powerful app for Internal Communication

The priorities

For the FOURLIS Group, internal communication is a priority for the smooth operation of the Group Organization. For this reason, we make sure to inform and involve our people in the Group's initiatives, while at the same time providing them with the opportunity to communicate with each other, regardless of their hierarchical level.

The tool

F2F (Friend to Friend), is a user-friendly interactive tool that created in 2018 exclusively for the Group's employees. It is an online tool designed exclusively for the exclusive use of the company's employees. It is a mobile application (social network), available in 5 languages, through which employees have the possibility to access the social network.

Engage on

Browse all the Group's sites, attend training programmes and access the Group's training programmes to communicate with all their colleagues in real time - as well as to access all the as the application provides automatic text translation - as well as to choose to be informed about issues that concern them and more adding functions.

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