Do’s and Don’ts EN

Acceptable Use Policy


  • Only submit posts on your behalf, never pretend to be someone else
  • Only post material that is suitable for anyone to see
  • All postings should be true, not including misleading or deceptive material
  • Use language that is not offensive, insulting or threatening
  • Always treat others as you would like  to be treated
  • Seek permission before posting someone’s photo from his/her private life
  • Be careful, only post private information with permission from people involved and only post it to the relevant private groups on True Team®


  • Use City Connect App to abuse, harass and threaten others
  • Use City Connect App to conduct any illegal activity or encourage any activity that opposes your Company’s Code of Conduct
  • Incite hatred on the basis of gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs or other personal characteristics
  • Post photos of children
  • Post private details  of your colleagues
  • Publish any gossip  or spread rumors
  • Post appearance indecent photos  of yourself or others

Always keep in mind that City Connect App is a business tool!