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Understanding Generation Z’s Work Ethic for Managers

As Generation Z enters the workforce, some may be quick to apply stereotypes to this group, painting them as tech-savvy but arrogant and overconfident. However, it is important to consider...

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Employee Engagement: Στην εποχή της «ευέλικτης» δέσμευσης

Employee Engagement: Στην εποχή της «ευέλικτης» δέσμευσης Στη διάρκεια των τελευταίων ετών, η χώρα μας έχει διανύσει μια οικονομική, αλλά και κοινωνική κρίση. Σε όλο αυτό, ήρθε, πριν από λίγους...

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HR KIT becomes Linked

HR KIT becomes Linked. We believe that our technology solutions are a crucial link connecting companies with their most valuable source, their employees. At Linked we create effective communication and...

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