Can Mobile Apps Improve Employee Engagement?

Are your workers connected to the values and mission of the company? Research suggests that levels of employee disengagement have reached an all-time high. Only 15% of people say they feel connected to their work.  Worryingly, 17% report that they are actively hostile to their employer. HR KIT believes that mobile technology provides the solution.

How Can You Reach Your Deskless Workforce?

Disengagement is highest among workers who do not sit at desks. 80% of workers are deskless, which means they are not able to access traditional forms of company communication like email or intranets.

Deskless workers are left out of the latest company news and not in contact with the office staff.  This sense of disconnection can lead to high staff turnover in deskless occupations. The hospitality sector has a churn rate of 90%.

Mobile solutions provided by HR KIT reach all employees wherever they are based, so the company can enhance communication across the board.

How do you create a Community?

Employees who feel they belong to something bigger are more likely to stay in their jobs and produce better work. Positive company culture can be challenging to explain or achieve.

One way of creating a positive atmosphere is to improve communication between workers in different locations who work in a variety of ways. Mobile apps are a way to enhance messaging between people. They become mini social media channels. Workers can become familiar with each other and share information. Communication is the way to persuade employees to support the company mission.

How do you give your Employees a Say?

Imposing solutions from above does not work. No one answer will fit every situation. The only way to know what your individual needs are is to ask your workforce.

Mobile apps ease communication between leaders and workers, leveling the playing field. With mobile technology, employees feel empowered to voice their concerns and give their opinions and feedback on business matters.

What is HR KIT

HR KIT is a mobile employee engagement solution you can fit in your pocket. HR KIT can help your employees to feel part of something greater, increase their overall engagement in their work and feel proud to be a part of your company

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