Covid-19 Impact On Manufacturers

Covid-19 Impact On Manufacturers

In the last two months, we’re witnesses how Covid-19 structured the world we live in. While the world went into closure and sudden hibernation-like state, manufacturers experienced the opposite. Following advice from WHO, market demand for disinfection, sanitizing, personal protection products, and respiratory devices jumped for thrilling 1000%. Manufacturers faced two difficult challenges, -lack of work power followed with an increase of workload. Here at HR KIT, our focus is to help companies and employees to overrun this hard and demanding period.

We’ve prepared a few practices any manufacturer should follow to support production flow. At the same time taking a focus on employees and their welfare.

How To Lover Distress During Higher Demand Of Goods

Manufacturers like food, healthcare, medical equipment and hygiene, not only suffered a higher claim of their goods, but also a way of distribution. All thanks to potential lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. Markets and supply-chains were hit by customers stocking goods in the way never seen before in many countries. Causing manufacturing labor to go over and beyond, and to higher production to the maximum.
We’ve seen many of employees working double shifts, extra hours, or without free days. During this stressful period, good transit of information within your team is crucial for both, pro-duction and welfare.

HR KIT is designed as a bonding lace between your on-field and behind-the-scene workers. Our goal is to deliver vital pieces of information in a respectful, business-oriented and ethical manner. Clear to everyone. Bearing in mind targets, production process and progress, deadlines, or shortages.

People don’t need just an app. They need understanding and employers with vision.

U-Turn Caused By Covid-19

In a matter of weeks and even days, many manufacturers shifted from one to other products. Due to government order, as a support to local health and civil organizations or just from the economical point. Confen manufacturers stop production of suits and ties and focus on hygiene masks. Asepsol replaced aromatic perfumes. Thus employees meet with an entirely new process. To minimize mistakes and set the required pace of production, companies should implement a fast and shortened educational process for laborers. Leverage video-based eLearning was created as a handy, first aid kit easily accessible to each manufactory personal, to stay on track with dozens of new information and procedures one should follow. Also, as one of the main focuses, “eLearning” points pace of production as a situation like a virus outbreak demands fast counterwork.

How to overcome labor shortages

As misfortune never comes alone, alongside new production processes, higher demands of goods and general society anxiousness caused by Covid-19 lack of workforce is next big deal companies and manufacturers are facing. Here, the accent is on the highest pace of production combined with the lowest number of producers. Those situations show tendencies to anxiety, unhappiness, and lack of support feeling among workers. To minimize potential distress and to upgrade welfare during the hardest time, manufacturing companies shall encourage sociall chanells networking and support among employees.

HR KIT for a better, more happy workplace

People don’t need just an app. They need understanding and employers with vision. Our approach is employee-driven. We dreamt and delivered a platform with a promise to give employees what they need to engage in their work and their colleagues and drive results for the company and society.


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