Fight with a virus at daily

Fight with a virus at daily bases in less time spent

WHO and NHS provided dozens of information on how to tackle the virus, at home or working place.

Putting together stressful time developed by the virus outbreak, implementation of new processes of production, and couching your workforce new standards and procedures HR Kit recon struggle to implement and follow instructions health organizations.

We developed push-notifications about health standards and procedures an organization should standardize within the working area.

Thus your focus will solely stay on productivity while we’ll keep the workforce well in-formed and aware of potential threats virus can cause.

Modified to your sector, notifications are distributed to each employee on personal mobile phones.

Prerequisite to run smoothly essential operation during outbreak

UK government measures left dozens of big businesses closed due to social distancing and restrictions in public spaces. But the importance for society some industries hold left them open for business 24/7 with overwhelming demands.

Many of those do not have the luxury of working from homes, like factories or retail.

Following the advice given by Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development to alter shifts plan, to reduce the close counter of staff at the working area. Also, providing de-tailed, fast re-training for workers who showed the ability to adapt new skills. Considering those who stayed on-duty would need all help and support from superiors and desk-work-ers, HR Kit developed diverse forms to support management and employees.

Some of what are

  • Fast pace couching through Video-based eLearning;
  • First-person communication between staff on-site and staff at home;
  • Keeping hot-lines and help desk available to staff at all time through app service;
  • Using polls and questionnaire’s from staff to generate feedbacks;
  • Allowing easy and fast access to company manuals to all workers with our mobile intranet;

What is HR KIT

HR KIT is a mobile employee engagement solution you can fit in your pocket. HR KIT can help your employees to feel part of something greater, increase their overall engagement in their work and feel proud to be a part of your company

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