HR KIT was created for remote

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HR KIT was created for remote working. Learn how it can help your business!

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Our approach is employee-driven. We dreamt and delivered a platform with a promise to give employees what they need to engage in their work and their colleagues and drive results for the company and society.

We build teams, company culture and functional collaborations, all made in transparency and a culture of continuous growth. We believe in a workplace where employees can thrive by making performance, collaboration their culture.

HR KIT is a full toolkit and has no need for intergration with 3rd party apps. It Combines employee engagement, employee surveying, feedback, workgroups, messaging, voip and video conference, reporting, rewarding and many more in one stop platform. It is mobile phone oriented. Your employees may not have a computer at their workplace. No problem!

Our app is live and working in IKEA, INTERSPORT and other companies in 5 countries
Let us help you Engage your employees and create a better work environment


What is HR KIT

HR KIT is a mobile employee engagement solution you can fit in your pocket. HR KIT can help your employees to feel part of something greater, increase their overall engagement in their work and feel proud to be a part of your company

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