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Hello my name is George Pantoulas and I am the Founder at HRKIT® which is the trusted solution at multinational corporations for engaging employees through HR.

The fact is that over 85% of employees in major corporations are completely unengaged according to Gallup.

  • Typically, what you see in any company is that 15% of the people love their job, it’s a perfect fit.
  • 15% are not satisfied for one reason or another, it’s just not a good fit and they tend to turnover quickly.
  • In between, we’ve got 70% of the employees are just doing whatever they need to do in order to get through the day.

That’s a huge waste and in fact it leads to hundreds of billions of dollars in the US and 7 trillion dollars worldwide in loss based on employees doing the bare minimum and probably not satisfying the customers.

We can transform this by having the right engagement available at the right time and that means you can reduce the number who are just doing their job to 55%, that feel they got that perfect fit and that can transform the way the employees fell about their job and interact with the customers.

The problem is that there are too many different solutions, several different options of internal communications, several options for productivity, for surveys and project management.

HRKIT® combines all services into a single portal so that, instead of looking in 12 different places the employees just have to look at one and we make so the HR department is empowered for the very first time, instead of being looked at, as the people who take all the fun out of being at work, the HR department can become the enabler by providing all these resources in a way that highlights the benefits of the company to the employees, provides timely communications from upper management to the employees, makes sure that the employees are surveyed on a regular bases and so on. We facilitate the kinds of communication and support capabilities that maximize engagement of employees.

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