Questions to Ask Your Staff

Questions to Ask Your Staff

If you are building a digital employee experience (DEX) it needs to work for all staff.  Your workforce’s thoughts and opinions about their experiences are crucial for your strategy to work.  Asking for feedback enables you to keep staff engaged, improve productivity and improve staff retention. Below are some questions to ask your employees.

Do your existing systems help your workflow? Digital systems may not be better than the old systems especially if incompatible methods are working alongside each other. Ask your staff about what you are doing. Encourage discussion.

How many systems do you use to complete your daily tasks?  Many businesses have shifted to lightweight systems to make things more efficient.  This change can mean too many micro technologies are being used which make everything too complicated.  It is better to streamline your existing back-end systems by reducing the number of systems or making sure they are compatible.

What are the most important digital experience factors for you?  You need to understand what your workforce think is the biggest priority.  They may have different goals to those of the management but this does not mean they are working against the company. Their experience may be complex so you need to trust your employees, as they are the ones working the systems every day.

Do you feel supported in using the existing digital tools?  Many businesses are introducing different technologies all the time.  The platform you use could be brilliant but it won’t work if employees aren’t trained in how to use it confidently. Ask your staff if they feel their training is adequate.

What are your main concerns about digital employee experience (DEX)? Workers need to feel confident about voicing their worries. They probably won’t volunteer to tell you about their problems for fear of the consequences.  If you ask them in a comfortable and supportive environment they will tell you about their experiences.  The answers you receive can help you implement more helpful systems that solve employees’ problems.

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People don’t need just an app. They need understanding and employers with vision. Our approach is employee-driven. We dreamt and delivered a platform with a promise to give employees what they need to engage in their work and their colleagues and drive results for the company and society.


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